WACAS 2014

WACAS 2014

WACAS 2014

Welcome to the first Workshop on Approximate Computing Across the System Stack (WACAS)!

The workshop aims to explore new ideas in the realm of approximate computing, a research direction that asks how computer systems can be made better—faster, more efficient, and less complex—by relaxing the requirement that they be exactly correct. Approximate systems raise questions from across the system stack, from circuits to applications. WACAS is a venue for discussion, debate, and brainstorming on all of these topics.

WACAS 2014 was be held on March 2, 2014, co-located with ASPLOS 2014. See the full program for links to papers and slides.

(The archived call for papers is also available.)


Have questions? Please contact the organizers at wacas14@cs.washington.edu.