Sampa is an inter-disciplinary computer architecture group that explores research crossing multiple layers of the system stack, from hardware to programming languages and applications. Our research is motivated by new device technologies and new applications. We are part of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. We work closely with the PLSE and Syslab folks.







Undergraduate Students

  • Austin Arechiga
  • Justin Kotalik
  • Cody Ohlsen
  • Zach Simon
  • Chenfan (Frank) Sun
  • Past Undergraduate Students

    • Sui Pang (Beck)
    • Wenjie (Marissa) He
    • Yufang Sun
    • Chengfeng Shi
    • Tianchi Liu
    • Luyi Lu
    • Daniel Noteboom
    • Umaymah Khan
    • Joshua Yip
    • Collaborators

      • Preston Briggs
      • Simon Kahan
      • Ali Farhadi Assistant Professor, UW CSE Department
      • Visvesh Sathe Assistant Professor, UW EE Department
      • Sungpack Hong Oracle Labs
      • Michael Delorimier Oracle Labs
      • Shri Hariharasubrahmanian Oracle Labs
      • Tushar Kumar Qualcomm Research


  • York Wei B.S., 2015. Now at VMWare.
  • Katelin Bailey M.S., 2015. Now at Microsoft.
  • Brett Boston B.S., 2015. Now a PhD student at MIT.
  • Adrian Sampson Ph.D., 2015. Now faculty at Cornell.
  • Andre Baixo M.S., 2015. Now at ARM.
  • Eric Mackay M.S., 2015. Now at Amazon.
  • Ben Ransford Postdoc, 2013–2014.
  • Benjamin Wood Ph.D., 2014. Now faculty at Wellesley.
  • Tom Bergan Ph.D., 2014. Now at Google.
  • Michael Ringenburg Ph.D., 2014. Now at Cray.
  • Brandon Lucia Ph.D., 2013. Now faculty at CMU.
  • Hadi Esmaeilzadeh Ph.D., 2013. Now faculty at Georgia Tech.
  • Joe Devietti Ph.D., 2012. Now faculty at UPenn.
  • Emily Fortuna M.S., 2011. Now at Google.
  • Nick Hunt Now guiding at RMI.
  • Owen Anderson M.S., 2010. Now at Apple.
  • Angda (Andy) Chen B.S. 2008. Now at Amazon.
  • Cody Schroeder B.S. 2012, M.S. 2013. Now at Google.
  • Kristian Lieberg B.S. Now at Clean Power Research.


Our work is supported by the National Science Foundation, the state of Washington, the C-FAR Center for Future Architectures, DARPA, and generous gifts from Microsoft, Intel, Google, Qualcomm and NetApp.